Executive Disability Insurance

Executive Disability Insurance

Executive Disability Insurance Plans

Multi-life Individual Disability Policies have become a valuable tool for providing supplemental income protection specifically tailored to the needs of highly compensated Partners and Executives. These policies are used to fill gaps in employer-provided group disability insurance, which often falls short of covering the full income potential of high earners due to caps on benefits.

Depending on the industry and demographics of the group, funding approaches can vary:

Voluntary Employee Contributions: In many cases, employees can choose to purchase additional disability coverage through payroll deductions. This approach can be fully funded by the employee, allowing them to decide the level of extra protection they need.

Employer-Sponsored Premiums: Employers may choose to fund these policies wholly or in part as a part of a competitive benefits package. This can be particularly attractive in industries where attracting and retaining top talent is crucial.

Executive Carve-Out Programs: Employers might implement executive carve-out programs where the employer funds supplemental disability policies for their top earners or most critical roles. This selective funding helps protect the company’s interests by ensuring that key personnel are adequately covered.

Combination of Funding Sources: Some organizations use a combination of employer and employee contributions to fund these policies. Employers might cover a base level of additional coverage, with employees given the option to purchase higher limits if they choose.

These policies and funding strategies ensure that highly compensated employees are adequately protected against the risk of income loss due to disability, which not only benefits the employees but also provides employers with a tool for risk management and employee satisfaction. By offering such targeted benefits, companies can improve their appeal as premier places to work for top talent.

Excess Disability Plans funded Lloyd’s of London Excess Coverage

In crafting executive disability plans, particularly for non-US partners and individuals whose income replacement needs surpass domestic limits, integrating excess coverage through Lloyd’s of London can provide a robust solution. This strategic approach ensures comprehensive protection for executives, addressing the limitations of traditional disability insurance. Below, we delve into the nuances of employing Lloyd’s of London excess coverage in your executive disability strategy.

The Need for Excess Coverage
For high-earning executives, especially those operating internationally or with compensation far exceeding average domestic caps, traditional disability plans may fall short. These limitations can leave a significant portion of an executive’s income unprotected, posing financial risks. Excess coverage, especially through renowned markets like Lloyd’s of London, is designed to fill these gaps, offering tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of each executive.

Incorporating Lloyd’s of London into Your Plan Design
Lloyd’s of London, with its global reach and flexibility, stands out as a premier provider for excess disability coverage. Here’s how to integrate this coverage into your executive disability plan effectively:

Assessment of Needs: Begin with a thorough assessment of each executive’s total compensation package and existing coverage to identify gaps. This should include all forms of compensation, from base salary to bonuses and equity awards.

Understanding Lloyd’s Coverage: Lloyd’s of London offers bespoke insurance solutions, allowing for customization beyond what’s typically available in the market. This includes higher limits of coverage, flexible terms, and the ability to tailor policies to specific job roles and risk profiles.

Coordination with Existing Plans: The excess coverage should seamlessly integrate with any existing disability insurance, ensuring a smooth transition once domestic policy limits are reached. This requires careful planning and coordination between policies to avoid overlap or gaps in coverage.

Policy Provisions and Features: When structuring the excess coverage, consider provisions similar to those in the primary policy, such as “own occupation” definitions, COLA adjustments, and partial disability benefits. Additionally, explore unique features that Lloyd’s can offer, catering to the international scope and high-income brackets of your executives.

Incorporating Lloyd’s of London excess coverage into your executive disability plan presents a sophisticated solution to protect your highest-earning personnel, especially non-US partners and those whose needs exceed domestic coverage limits. By partnering with the right broker and carefully designing your excess coverage, you can offer unparalleled income protection to your leadership team, ensuring peace of mind and financial security even in the face of adversity.

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